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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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and so as moving forward, we'll be coming forward with what -- wherrycyááwu-q going to be placg our efforts. and just a side note, we participated in the%ñ fair this -- earlier this month, and just highlighted once&6ñlz"n the importance of language g we noticed we have had parents who came in there was greater participation with those parents, parents who were on hand to answer questions in their native language is we want forefront of our work we doc&y>w important that is for students and parents in our district to have that access. so i don't know if there are any questions this evening. >> commissioner fewer. >> commissioner fewer: thankk3ç you. thank you to the pac also for
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submitting questions to the curriculum committee because the questions that you have as parents are probably the same questions that our parents have. so thank you very much. when you're compiling your data byvúu"x&b schools and your suspn discipline data, and your+]ñ+wñy restorative practice research, i think it's important also to ask and also by -- and i thinkwueb0t would give you a clearer picture sort of what is happening around discipline and sort@ guess defined sort of picture of where we're at with discipline. and i invite you to come to the next curriculum meeting because we'll beñcñháq discussing the a through g thing again. but,u-6le@4 also, since superint carranza mentioned]vuçov the assesseéh32:gñ that i think thae should put that on the agenda also. so if you can attend, that would be fabulous.
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and so we can get this sort of perspective about how parents feel about this assessment, is it easy to understand and how it relates to our parents point of view. >> commissioner. >> i wanted to welcome georgia. we've both come a long way since band class in high school. so congratulations. >> thank you. okay. thank you for your report. >> if i could switch hats for a moment -- i'm one of the parents on the -- at the indian wanted to first of all say thank you to commissioner fewer and commissioner murase for having that thought and then putting it into action. it's really important for our children and our students to honor. and we always want all of our children to feel like when they
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that they're all of who they are when they walk through that door part of themselves outside. thank you. >>/ç +i2 sup. >> superintendant carranza: i role and it's good to have you in this role as well. restorative practices there are a number of what we're calling !
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consent items4+a0jlz. commissioner maufas. >> commissioner maufas: thank you. at this time i'd like to going forward, that to the board oats children center, and i will yypxain from any discussion and 2g on the consent calendar tonight. my$éo)=;8ç request for a waiverd >> thank you. item is there a motion and a second for the -- >> motion. >> second. >> any items withdrawnel or corrected by the superintendent? >> superintendant carranza: yes. dr. clawferred. >> good4!sp#fw evening. there are three items to be withdrawn. withdrawn from the consent
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calendar are the following. item -vñ?ñ 4(b), 1211k1 on pagee and 117. item 4(b), 121113k7>ç>s? on e 123 and,oñ?ñ? 124. both of these resolutions should be administratively approved and wúqr gfb inae agenda. additional withdrawnbrrk"'xv fom 3(h),f]ñ?ñ?1211-13w8:÷ñ?ñ?ñ on . 3(c),kpñ?ñ?1211-13w3 on page 71. theryñ?ñ?ñ cost of 2,200 is inc.
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the amount is being changed#!ruo reflect the correct amount of >> thank you. anygzñ?ñ? items removed for firt reading by the board? any items severed by thegoñcjq
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cooks, -- din. so go ahead and go to the podium, if i called your name, >>hn5
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the principle. there's a video. >> no namesañ?ñ? please. >> on top of that the principal honor of martin luther king, where a school of black and'ññ?? latino students has removed the and this superintendent is also? on a board funded by bechtel, which wants to have awkdp: commn core of program of test,xxñ?ñ? t can't provide funding for music for an investigation, a@ñ?ñ criminal investigation by the districti7 the assistant superintendent because of what's gone on in that school. in addition7mépk those staff ad complained, who spoke uppwñ?ñ? t it, have themselves been retaliated and fired and are being harassed by the management of the school district. this is serious business. and this board has had many
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complaints, from these staff there, from the parents, and has ignored it. so what i'm saying is thereweñ?s to be accountability by the superintendent and by this board about what is going oñ?ñ? on att school. it's intolerable, it's wealthy district in san fravxhd[udd. but it is happening to martin luther king school. so we are taking up the campaign to educate public -- forpj5!t"de district attorneyt÷ñ?ñ? gascón e action on this. thank you. >> good evening. i've been here before. i saw -- 1971 so as a 40-plus year employee ixyñ?ñ? am now fig a dismissal charge -- >> hold on a seconds. state your name. >> my name is toby caine. and like÷cñ?ñ? i say, i'm fighta
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dismissal charge for a incident that i had at mlk. i was part of a situation where the principal was instrumental to have surgery. i was out. modified work position, untrained, and harassed because i couldn't do all the things that needed to be done. but that's -- my point is that there -- they're trying to dismiss me simply because i had a blowout with the principal. and all the narratives that i've written and given to have been changed aro[b]p!ir like that i am the culprit. both times i asked for a police report. i was never supported. where are my!ññ?ñ rights. i have no rights. once i started complaining to
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represented, you know, or given having problems with the administration and i hadn't had problems before. so basically i just want justice. and here i am fighting dismissal, and being told that ? don't do my job. i informed the principal that i didn't want to go into the counseling office because it was a volatile situation. phone thrown at my head. and they're denying all of this. but it's in writing. there was a letter issued to the parents saying that all of these allegations were untrue. but it's allc?ñ?ñ? documentated. >> thank you, mr. caine. >> good evening, everyone. my name's linda cooks. i was teacher at martin luther king school.
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walked in to take my grades and i've come before the board before. and i tried to figure out what i walked in to take my grades and theéñ?ñ? student who was --y the principal approached me and said that she was head on ññ?ñ?e principal. but -- and shea said -- i told her to get her fat a off of me. i looked at my student and said i don't appreciate that type of language but i could understand her. and i started thinking whatz:uri would say. i wrote down a few things, nothing to say but do the right thing. i believe the children are the future. teach them well let them lead the÷3ñ?ñ? way. show them the beauty they possess inside. give them a sense of pride to make it easier. teach them well. let's teach them well, not sit be a+zñ?ñ? teacher in san franciscç masters, english credential, and i'm not capable of teaching in the bayview.
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that doesn't bother me as much as mynññ?ñ? student being sat or some reason. at this point in my lifeañ?ñ?ñ t doesn't matter. what matters is the childrennhte treated fairly, with respect. i have one more degree. my daughter's an attorney. my sons are college graduates. and when i look at all of these achievements, i know what works and i know what does n4bñ?ñ?ñot. mistreating kids, that does not work. loving works. and all of you, you know who you are, come before you before. ióñsgcr(p told you that child wt on. what part you guys don't understand. what part. where's the video. you guys know something is wrong there. what's wrong when you don't have security there. you have the best security at that school. it worked well. something is deadly wrong at martin luther king school. there were a7rñ?ñ lot of mice t, mice everywhere. that's what the kids had.
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they did not have the things that the kids have out in the avenue. treat these kids right over here. what's wrong with this picture. >> thank you]ñ?ñ?. commodore sloan elementary school and i'm happy to announce indigenous people, which i'm glad our school took time to do. i was surprised even though wef? observed the holiday known as columbus daysvñ? weekend we didt educate our children on why we observed it. i found it ironic that something indigenous could be perceived as principals and teachers and parents weret÷ñ?ñ?ñ supportive d these types of events provide acceptances and understanding of other cultures and give us
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better understanding and appreciation of our own. so even though it was a labor of love and strong emphasis on labor and love, that this was a collaborative effort that would not have happened without the support of our principal, our internal pco board and the family voice and of course the indian education program. michael -- that becomes an annual program and feel strongly with the continued support of9[? the members of the board of education, our superintendent's office and the indian education program that this could be implemented inese r every schol throughout the district. thank you. >> thank you. item k, advisory committee reports and appointments to advisory committee by the board members. any appointment by board members? megan. >> i'd like to appoint aib rel tal ina for the -- commission. >> did you get that? thank you.
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any other appointments? item l, special order of@?ñ? business. okay.zéçy;8'x just for public hearings and adoptions. i now call the public hearing and adoption between the tentative agreement between the district and united administrators of san francisco. is there a motion and a second on the agreement? >> reading of the recommendation by superintendent or designee tom ruiz. >> the requested action for this is the board of education conducts the public hearing and the related public disclosure documented. i'd like to thank bothqs÷s]y bargaining teams from uasf andz the district for promoting this
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agreementy0$[qqv. i believe we have some speakers also. >> good evening, president yee, commissioners, and superintendent carranza. i'm here to thank the district and the uass negotiation team through interest based bargaining we came up with this agreement and i encourage the board to adopt this. while i'm up here i want to say i'm happy about the passing of prop 30 and we are looking forward to working on the successor agreement with the negotiation@añ?ñ? team. and this is our members here to support that. thank you. >> thank you. comments from the board, superintendent. commissioner wynns. >> commissioner wynns: i want to thank everybody on both sides
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of the bargaining teams for reaching this agreement and happy to see it here. >> superintendent carranza. >> superintendant carranza: i would also like to thank our labor partners, uasf for reaching this agreement and being partners with[qtzym us dug the good times and during difficult times. so we appreciate it. thank you. >> okay. let's have a roll call. >> ms. lee, yes. ms. wong, yes. ms. fewer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. dr. maurice, aye. dr. nor ton, yes. ms. wynns, aye. mr. yee, yes. >> i call the public hearing and adoption between the district and the auto mechanics local 1414. there is a motion and second?
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>> so moved. >> i second. >> reading and recommendation by the superintendent or designee. mr. ruiz. >> thank you, president yee. the -- this tentative agreement is with our auto machinists, local 1414, and again the requested action is that the board conducts a public hearing and adopts the tentative agreement and related public disclosure document. i want to thank the crafts bargaining teams which laid the foundation for this agreement and in particular art gonzalez, the field rep for the machinis machinists. >> i'd like to say, you know, to tom and your team, you know, a job well done. this has been a really good year, and you've work really hard.
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and these agreements, as everybody knows, this just doesn't come automatically. so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i'd also like to thank the machinists and local 1414, and all of the district team members as well, for reaching an agreement. again, we want to thank you for being our partners in the good times and in the bad times and we're looking forward to many more good times. so thank you. >> roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, yes. ms. wong, yes. ms. fewer, yes. ms. maufas, ms. mendoza, yes. murase, yes. six ayes. >> is there a motion and second to the 2012 williams settlementable report. >> so moved. >> second. >> reading of recommendation by the superintendent or designeesp
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ruth deep. superintendent. the action is that the board of education for san francisco unified accept the report from independent auditors for the 2012 visits of the district 28 schools that arel[7unuç ranked 1 through three on the academic performance api. >> yes questions from the board? >> i just want to say i was very pleased to read that most of all of our facilitiese7amn!7w were n compliance with the audit, with the exception of two school facilities, and apparently those deficiencies were addressed right away. so i want to thank david goldin and his staff and the williams team on responding so rapidly. >> thank you. >> vice president norton.
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>> vice president norton: thank you. i was -- i did hear1jsdzen some complaints that were not reflected in the audit report about middle school textbooks not being available for all students, particularly students in special day classes. and i'm just wondering if the auditors found any -- that there was any -- you know, that they noticed any instances of that. i did hear complaints and each with my own child actually had to request a textbook twice to get one. upon so i'm just wondering if there is any information about that. >> well, this report deals with the 20 schools that are framed in -- 1 through 3. we also have auditors that will be going out to inspect the rest of the schools that are not in the 28 schools that are subject throughout the year. any new complaints that come in are addressed through my office,
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and also the textbookswzñ?ñ? of. >> off line if somebody could get me information on that, tha? was a widespread problem or just isolated to a couple of schools. thanks. >> no more? roll call please. >> thank you. ms. lee, yes. ms. wong, yes. ms. fewer, yes. ms. maufas, yes. ms. mendoza, yes. dr. murase, aye. ms. norton, yes. ms. wynns, yes. mr. yee, yes. >> discussion on other educational matters tonight? >> i'm sorry. if i may take this moment i was just reminded when she mentioned something. during the commendation for the indian education program title 7, is it possible to ask the authors to add my name to that resolution. i know and i believe maybe the rest of our board to like to be
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added if it's all right with the authors. thank you. >> never too late. >> thank you for asking. >> okay. item n, consent calendar resolutions, not tonight. item o, vote on consent calendar, moved and seconded under section s. roll call please. >> thank you. ms. wong, yes. ms. fewer, yes. ms. maufas, yes, except i seen abstain on item 2(g). ms. mendoza, yes, dr. murase, aye, ms. nor ton, aye, ms. wynns, aye, yee, aye. >> superintendent's proposal, first reading and a second. hold on. this is 11211-13sp1, adoption of
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exemptions of physical education requirement. there is a motion and a second? >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. this will be referred to the rules policy and legislative committee meeting taking place tomorrow night from 4:00 to 6:00. is that correct? iswgbft4zkaokay. reading. none tonight. item s board member reports, report of the c and school district select committee october 25, 2012, reporting would be commissioners fewer, maufas, and mendoza. >> thanks, president yee. we discussed the a through g -- comments for high schools and we also discussed who -- which
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students were on track and which and actually i believe every board member'q]%#ñ has that powerpoint. is that correct, dr. shulz? >> yes. >> so every board member has a copy of the powerpoint that was presented at that meeting. >> is that it? okay. thank you. thank you very much. reportp:0/#®z for the augmented curriculum and program committee, november 5, 2012, commissioner fewer. >> commissioner fewer: thank you again, president yee. so we had an update on a through g graduation requirements and were told we have almost 2,000 students that will need intervention and we don't have in he money to do it. also we discussed the parent involvement policy and then we had an update on special education, again on the disproportionality issue. thank you. >> thank you.
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report from the augmented budget and businesses services committee, november upo 7, repog will be commissioner mendoza mengetsd we scheduled this for election on weather yay or neigh thanayon prop 30. although don't get excited because it only stabilizes us temporarily but at least we'll know what we will be getting for the next several years. so we had some goodíl9[ç around what that will look like. we still have -- we won't have any mid-year cuts for 12-13 but we will be seeing cuts in the coming years. so there will be deficits that we'll be facing, in the coming years. we talked about the mandated cost block[u&,9- getting some additional dollars from that. and then the budget projections
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were bleak. they continue to be bleak. so once again, we're not -- we're still in a position where we'll be cutting and modifying and adjusting for next year. giving. >> who's first? commissioner wynns. >> commissioner wynns: i just mandated cost block grant be distributed to all the board members and hopefully at some time in the future we could have a discussion about that, because how this is going to work, this is another new change to the funding structure. it would be good for us all to know before we do the budget next year, to understand that better, i think.
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thank you. >> can i just encourage, if you haven't received this, mr. lee, all of the board members we asked for your input on what you'd like to hear. coming up we'd like to do our budget committee earlier rather than later knowing there are additional cuts we have to focus on and to set our priorities. we also have had several discussions around this possible supplemental coming from the city so there will be some discussions around what we're going to be doing to continue to fund what the city is potentially going to be funding. tough decisions to make and we want to do it earlier rather than later. so did you get any feedback from anyone? i'm going to put you all out there now. >> i hate to do this commissioners but no i haven't received any feedback yet. if it would be helpful i can resend recirculate the e-mail. i know it was at an inopportune time for a lot of you.


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